MuddyBay Protege
Additional Gun Dogs

Daisy- Dick Maddox
Buddy- Doug Pappy
Krank-Racheal Shipley
Hunter- Mike Zelms
Nell- Tom Sherky
Virgil- Eric Halbisen
Ruger-Greg Russell
Emmy- Bob Norton
Tucker- Scott Spalding
Oscar- Summer and James Tucker
Jesse- Summer and James Tucker
Cody- Bruce Heck
Tank- Rick McFarlen
Vito- Tony Bellini
Kia- Bill Rowley
Sadie- Evan Garner

Master Hunter

*Drake Hager MH
*Adams Acres Kelli MH QAA
*Dreammeyers Hope of the Summit MH
*Spooks Foxie Lady MH
*Stoney Lane Fly High in the Sky MH
*Windy K's Just Got To Do It MH
*McCoy's Black Cloud Avery MH
*Southlands Sarge of Larke MH
*Dreammeyers Faith At the Summit MH
*Huntfield's Jersey Shore MH
*Muddy Bay's Stormy Night MH
*Dreammeyers Stella Blue Me Away MH

Senior Hunter

*FRK's Clancey SH
*Alys Chocolate Chunk SH
*Remington Steel Withers SH
*Rugers Running the Woods SH
*Cynder's Black Gold SH
*Sweet Ella Bella SH
*Pine Crest Magnificent Morgan SH
*Sir Francis Duck Master O'Millers One SH
Junior Hunter

*Baily Empress of Buckew JH
*Five Mile Creek Harrie JH
*Portland Hollows Cloe JH
*Deep Run Harry Gunnar JH
*Barnes Just on a Larke JH
*Hasley's Louis Pasteur JH
*Muddybay's Maximum Overdrive JH
*LZL's Loaded Gun JH
*Darth Vader Returns JH
*Muddybays Sage Girl JH
*Topbrass Belle JH
*Red Right 88 JH
*Muddybays Sweet Tart JH